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At LearnNRise Instructors are our Key Customers

Instructors at LearnNRise

We are committed to establish encouraging environment keeping following practices:-

  • A right place for trainers to Collaborate, Teach and Win
  • Respect for Trainers to facilitate quality training with wonderful outcomes
  • LnR understands Trainers effort and will make sure that Trainer is always provided due respect and with this vision we have below clear guidelines for a Trainer
  • No deduction in Instructor fee except TDS, hoping feedback is good to excellent.
  • No NPS mechanisms ( Trainer is free from NPS rules)
  • Option to take off during key holidays on Sunday & Saturday like Christmas, Deepawali, Dusshera, Holi, Eid etc. and class will be re-adjusted.
  • 5% Bonus to Trainers for completing three consecutive classes with excellent feedback. 
  • Appreciation & Gift Vouchers to be provided to Trainers achieving regular classes without cancellations, excellent feedback and associated with LnR on a regular basis for long term tenure.
  • We are humans, for medical emergencies class postponement is allowed.
  • Full payment will be done once class is complete with satisfactory feedback from learners.
  • Payment to be made as per LNR finance invoicing cycle every month.
  • In case a batch demands for few extra session that would be compensated accordingly.

Some of Top trainers:-

Abidunnisa Begum: Data Science

Abhidunnissa Data Science

She is Training professionals on Data science with R, Python and Data visualization with Tableau. Recently added to the accomplishments is Microsoft Azure. Also, gave training in pharmaceutical technology, clinical trials, Clinical data management and medical writing to name some. 

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Skill is cheap passion is priceless. We are always looking out for skilled Expert trainers to share their valuable knowledge. If interested drop in your resume at

We will surely get back to you.

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